Marilyn A. Read – Interior Design Consultant

As an interior designer, educator, author, and researcher Marilyn has been instrumental in carving out a specialized niche that focuses on understanding the impact environments have on young children's behavior. She has completed many studies concerned with children's development and its relationship to the design of the classroom setting. Her objective for her clientele is to design optimal learning and play spaces that support children's social development through the effective use of color, form, texture and light.

As a mother of a young son, Marilyn has personally seen the impact that a well-designed bedroom
and playroom have on her son's individual and collaborative interactions within those spaces. Simple things like heavy texture
in an area for quiet play or lightweight fabric hung from the ceiling for dramatic play have clearly defined areas for different types of play.

As an interior design consultant Marilyn wants to bring her experience and expertise to a clientele who works with young children. There are a variety of contexts in which children play and learn. If you are interested in a consultation with Marilyn please contact her at (541) 231-2750 or at designforchildren@comcast.net.

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